Personal Flowers

Today’s dresses are simple and elegant with straight lines and the trend in bouquets has followed along those same lines.  For a while now the look has been small, upright, hand held, hand tied bouquets of either all roses or seasonal mixed flowers with much attention to detail.  Bouquet handles should accent the already beautiful flowers.  Stems can be accented by braiding the finest ribbon, in the color of the dress, and trimmed with pearls or satin rosebuds adding that extra touch. 

Simple hand tied bouquets compliment the dress, not overpower it.  They are light and easy to carry leaving the bride and attendants smiling.  There is nothing worse than the pained look of a whole bridal party including the bride wishing they can put that heavy or cumbersome flower bouquet down.


            Guests are anxious to see the bridal party, especially the bride, proceed down the aisle. It is somewhat of a show, like it or not.  Unless it is a very small group, I think it’s nice for the Maid of Honor to have a slightly different bouquet than the Brides Maid, either in shape or color.  Perhaps something designed in between the girl’s bouquet and the bride’s bouquet.  It increases the anticipation.  I definitely like the bride’s bouquet to stand out from the girls. A white bouquet with some green or picking up a little color from the girls bouquet’s, can coordinate everything and make for great photos.

            Most importantly, a bride should carry any flower or flowers that have a special meaning to her, those that have significance to her relationship or her life. She is the star and can have a bouquet totally unrelated to the rest of the wedding, if she chooses- no rules should apply!  Maybe a bride might want to add a small flower sprig her mother or grandmother carried or a small object of significance buried within the bouquet.  It is a great way to pay tribute to an ideal or loved one. As far as I’m concerned the brides in charge and although I offer many suggestions, I encourage her to go with her feelings.