It's all in a weeks work!

Since we have a lite wedding schedule on this 1st week of September before Labor Day 2015, with only one wedding at Crystal Springs Resort- Ballyoween Golf Resort in Vernon NJ. I thought I would use the opportunity to showcase the individual flowers that go into doing a mid-size wedding.  In this era of online shopping, I think that some people find it hard to grasp the amount of leg work and effort we florists exude to collect the correct blooms in the correct color on the correct date. It all starts 2 weeks prior to the wedding date when we place our orders to our growers around the world and ultimately secure a confirmation of each product. The week of the affair the flowers begin to arrive, some Monday, other later in the week. It gets a little nerve racking when the delivery is Thursday and the wedding is on a Friday or Saturday. We have been dealing with the same growers for over 30 years and are secure in their ability to come thru for us (and you) -but still hold our breath until all the product is in house. This week it's Wednesday and about 95% of our order is in house, re-hydrated, cut, cleaned and refrigerated at 40 degrees, just waiting for the design process to begin tomorrow AM. 

I thought it might be interesting, and fun, to post the individual flowers as they came in and were processed then post the finish product -  bouquets, ceremony and reception etc. next week...

 So here goes.

Incredible Purple Victoria

Eustoma aka Lizzanthus

White Lizzy

Samba Coral Full Sized Roses

A beautiful Combo od Victoria & Lizzy

Rust Mini Cala Lillie & Heather

Rust Mini Cala Lilies & Freedom Rose

Mambo mini branch garden rose, Mini Green Hydrangea and light blue Hybrid Delphinium

Cream mini branch Roses for corsages

Italian Ruscus

"Tee Pee Palm"

Inca Lilies

Cone Hydrangea's

Cone Hydrangea's

Stay tuned for the fruits of our labor coming soon !!